(Music: A. Celentano - D. Romani / Lyrics: A. Celentano - Ronnie Lee)

Once again on the mic i seek a beat
Wit a freaky technique
I'm on the flow i'm here too
A lady on the mic comin' straight at you
And bringin' knowledge to the youth 
oh Yes we always speak the truth
We like cnn around the world
Again and again checkin' the politican
Checkin' the pope keepin' an eye
On coruption and givin' the people hope

Gettin' buck wild like a beast in a cage
If need be you need to
open your eyes to see
The government takin' you out like
Grand larceny grand larceny
Now it's kinda wacked when i look back
There's a dude in Italy i don't know
Were he be
Who is he who is he
Who knows were he stands
He's not the man
Is his name Celentano

Celentano Celentano 
Yo celentano you need to know 
I'm authentic to the bone and you need 
To tell the chief so
Cause its ronny money down with the 
Celentano flow
Taken it to the top while l'm preppin' 
For the props

This is lady linda lettin' you know
That i'm true too, just like the both of
and now l'm asking you
Celentano are you true.

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